Beneath the Cross

I realized that not only have I been in Africa for the past 2 ½ weeks but I have been sleeping beneath the cross since my arrival in Jos. Let me explain- the group has been staying at the RURCON Guest house on the NBTT compound in Jos Nigeria. There was a wardrobe closet built in to the wall in room #1. The first night as I lay tossing and turning wishing that I was in my own bed I glanced around the room from under my mosquito tent. I clearly saw a cross. I am not sure that it was intentional or not but it was very comforting that first night. I know as a Christian that the power of the holy spirit is always near but this large cross as big as the bed seemed to speak to me in my fear.

It served as a visual reminder that God is near.

I grew up hearing missionary stories from Africa, not all of them very comforting. In fact some of them were downright frightening especially the ones that included snakes. I have yet to see a live snake. The only one that I have seen was in a jar of formaldehyde in a lab jar at one of the hospitals.

This was another reminder that God is watching over me.

Sunday at the COCIN Church we attended I was blessed in a very unexpected way. I fully expected to hear traditional African Hausa choir complete with drums, shakers, and other percussion instruments. WOW was I surprised. The choir was double the size that it usually was for a special celebration. They were dressed in black and white and they sang Handels’ Halleluhiah Chorus beautifully. The song that the congregation sang was “What a friend we have in Jesus”- in Hausa. The traditional Choir sang with the drums. So I did not miss out on the traditional flavor. The reason that this church was chosen–it is the church of one of the Servant Singers. She and her husband were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. Elizabeth and Yakubu D. Dung have a lot to celebrate! 6 living children and 35 years of marriage is a reason to celebrate all day long and then some, congratulations to them and their very hospitable family.

God Sees when we are missing home.

Sarah Sprunger



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