1 bucket, 1 bottle and no juice

Re-sterilizing gloves

Re-sterilizing gloves

Infrastructure in Nigeria is suboptimal.


When Larry went to the main teaching hospital for a lecture, he observed that there was a truck bringing water to provide for all the hospital’s needs…

In our guesthouse there was an intermittent trickle from the faucet until 4 days ago. We manage most days now with 1 bucket of water a day per person. This provides water for a bucket shower in the morning, water for hand washing and for toilet flushing. The great luxury is that it is warm when we pick it up in the court yard in the morning. In addition we have a bottle of filtered water for drinking. For N American standards this may seem limited, but we are still much better off than most people here. Please note, this is only the beginning of the dry season!

The electricity rarely comes on any more except at 2:00 AM. We were told that electricity supply is getting progressively worse. One woman said this morning:” You know, Nigeria is just not a maintenance prone society..”. In the guesthouse we are blessed with a generator that runs from 6:30 PM till 9:30 PM. Up till now we all had a few minutes of Internet access a few times a week at the Faith Alive Clinic. Last night 5 computers were stolen. A major problem for the clinic, a minor inconvenience to us. One of the beauties of this country is that people seem to be taking it in stride and seem to maintain their joy that comes from the Lord and not from possessions and conveniences…

Theo D Beels



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