The morning devotional at Faith Alive

Each day at Faith Alive begins at 8AM. Before anyone is seen by the health-care staff, everyone listens to a devotional. The waiting room is packed and people listen to the “speaker of the day”. Christians and Muslims, men, women and children are all present and attentive to hear what God has to say. The devotional lasts for about 30 minutes…there is singing and dancing, a sermon, and a morning prayer. The session is translated into Hausa and English.

Faith Alive Support Group

Faith Alive Support Group

Yesterdays sermon was on “a business transaction with God”. The example used was the story of Jesus meeting a Samaritan women at the well. Jesus asked for well-water and Jesus offered living-water in exchange. Jesus will demand things from us BUT he is always willing to return a much greater reward…he is not the greatest businessman!!! What are we being asked to offer up to Jesus? Will we be willing to accept what He has in exchange for us? It always will be an offer we can’t pass up.

People come to Faith Alive for healing. Spiritual healing comes before physical healing. Thank you God for being our healer. Please give me medicine.

Jim Friesen



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