Walking…for the first time in ten years!

Drs Chris and Rochelle took me on a home visit about 25 miles out of town to see a perplexing neurologycase. Chris had seen this woman in the past as a favor to a statesman in Jos. This woman is 40-45 years of age and following the birth of her 5th child started with a shaking palsy. It first started with just a mild head shaking and then progressed to both of her arms. This has continued to the point that they have left her sitting on the floor of her hut with nothing to do for the past 10-11 years as they are busy out working in the fields. The sad thing is that she has no use of her arms and can’t even get a drink when she wants one. 2-3 times per day they carry her out of her hut and carry her to the outside latrine.

I sat with her on the floor to examine her and found that she had the ability to move her legs spontaneously. We decided to get her up to see if we could walk and to their amazement she was able to walk for the first time in 10 years!!! She may have been bent over but but she did take about 40 steps around her compound with assistance.

We also discovered that her heart rate and blood pressure were elevated.

We talked with several of the village woman including the 2nd wife and explained to them the importance of walking her several times daily,the need for socialization and sunlight,and sent the statesman back with medicine to help to decrease her heart rate,help with the spasms and multivitamins. We even drew them an example of a small table that they could place a water bottle beside her so she could drink at will.

We may never know what her outcome will be but hopefully when we show the short video that we took, to one of the neurologists at either Metro General or Cleveland Clinic, they can help her with a diagnosis.

I know this is a long note but they are going to also post it on the Mennonite blogg for the group so they have an understanding what all we are seeing and feeling. My hope is all who read this will contact Oprah and help to get Dr Chris Isichei on the show in April when he is in the U.S.

Jenny Ahl


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