Our group rotates through several hospitals and clinics.

After morning report in hospital A, we were split up. I was assigned to the senior house officer on the medical ward. Being new to the place, I felt very much like a guest and I tried not to be my usual obnoxious and patronizing self. At the other hand, I did see some medical stuff that I did not agree with. My main role during morning rounds was transcribing notes in the medical record. The relationship felt somewhat awkward.

In the medicine clinic in the OPD, I took my assigned seat in the corner. During the subsequent hours, we gradually entered into conversation about the clinical problems that came our way.

After the last patient was gone, the young doctor came to me with several questions regarding his own health. I answered those as well as I could…I am glad that in one day it was possible to establish enough trust that made it possible for him to turn to me

Theo D Beels 11/11/08


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