Yesterday, we went to the Faith Alive sewing school and computer school and knitting school graduation. All of the graduates were HIV positive except for a few of the computer students. Each of the sewing school graduates got a foot pedal sewing machine and the knitters got a knitting machine.

The most moving moment was when the sewing school was handing out their gifts to their teachers, and those they appreciate. They gave a gift to the baby of their sewing instructor who died in childbirth recently.  The maternal grandmother came for the gift and then went back to her seat and wept and wept.  I was told later that for the first week after her daughter’s death, she wouldn’t touch the baby.  She was afraid of catching HIV. The husband is the leader of the support group at Spring of Life (Evangel Hospital) and he also got sick during the pregnancy. He also has Tuberculosis; his first wife died in childbirth also and that child has cerebral palsy. Last week he had a motorcycle accident.  I was told this is why  its so easy for people to believe that someone can be cursed. How could all of this happen to one man? The baby has a very good chance of being HIV positive since Cecilia was so sick when she delivered and went into labor before they could take the baby by cesarean section. The support group had a moment of silence for Cecilia and the sadness was heavy in the room. Its interesting that the husband and wife attended two different support groups and clearly affected two different groups of HIV positive patients very positively. They spread their gifts and their love around. She is very missed at Faith Alive.


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